2016 Beachside Vacations Digital Rental Guide

We're one of the very few companies left in the Vacation Rental business that still puts out a Vacation Rental Guide.  We feel it's still a great way to promote our homeowner's properties.  We have so many guests that just pop in our office asking for a list of our rental properties.  Handing them this fantastic guide is much better than just directing them to our website.  It gives them something to take home, share with families, and enjoy while they are here on vacation.  It's a huge undertaking for us, but we will feel it's well worth the effort.  We also have a Digital Version of our 2016 Beachside Vacations Rental Guide.  Check it out! - See more at:  http://beachside-vacations.epaperflip.com/v/2016-Rental-Guide/

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