About Sullivan's Island

Since the 19th century, Sullivan’s Island has been a favorite place for Charlestonians and Lowcountry planters to "vacation” as it will be for you and your family today. Sullivan’s Island has just about everything that your family would ever want to make a perfect vacation destination. It has a rich history, historical landmarks, wonderful dining opportunities, fantastic playground, recreational facilities, and is only four miles from Charleston.Sullivan’s Island is unique in that the beachfront lands which have accreted over the years are protected and held in a perpetual easement that protects the natural environment along the Atlantic. There is no other island in the United States that can claim to have a richer history while at the same time providing a beautiful setting for an outstanding family vacation.

Riding bicycles is the best way to tour the island. You and your family will discover many treasures such as Officer’s Row (1702-1760 I’on Avenue), Battery Thomson, Battery Gadsden, Deveruex Mansion Gatehouse, Sullivan’s Island Lighthouse, William Gaillard Mazyck House, Noncommissioned Officers Quarters (1742-1754 Middle Street) and Stella Maris Catholic Church. The views of Charleston Harbor are fantastic walking out to the beach from Station 12.

On Middle Street, you will find many excellent restaurants including Home Team Barbeque, Poe’s, Station 22, and Dunleavy’s. The kids will love the playground on Middle Street that also features basketball and tennis courts. When open, the man-made hill behind the playground provides amazing views of the Atlantic and Charleston.

Sullivan’s Island is so unique in that history, great dining, and a wonderful beach can all come together for an outstanding family vacation.

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